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The Truth About $600 NAD+ IV Drips

updated: February 14, 24

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The Truth About $600 NAD+ IV Drips

Hailey Bieber’s doing it. Kim Kardashian’s doing it. Maybe someone you know has been to a wellness clinic to get one after a long flight or before an event. NAD+ IV drips are more accessible than ever, but the question to ask isn’t where to get one. 

The question is: Why are so many celebrities taking NAD+ in the first place? And do these IV drips even work?

Hailey Bieber’s doing it. Kim Kardashian’s doing it. Maybe someone you know has been to a wellness clinic to get one after a long flight or before an event. NAD+ IV drips are more accessible than ever, but the question to ask isn’t where to get one. 

The question is: Why are so many celebrities taking NAD+ in the first place? And do these IV drips even work?

NAD+ is one of the most essential and beneficial molecules for human health and longevity.

NAD+ is a coenzyme our bodies produce naturally, and it’s found in virtually every cell of the human body. Our cells need NAD+ to create and maintain the energy they need to stay healthy, vital, and youthful. NAD+ rejuvenates cells in your entire body, from cells in your brain, blood, immune system, and nervous system, to cells in your skin, scalp, and hair follicles [2-4]. 

It’s a molecule with a long name—nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide—and an even longer list of essential, longevity-supporting functions. 

Studies have shown that with adequate NAD+ levels, our bodies can more efficiently:

  • Improve Skin Cell Function
  • Repair Damaged Cells and DNA
  • Manage Weight and Blood Pressure
  • Support Cognitive Function
  • Enhance Strength and Endurance


    For over a century, researchers have been studying NAD+ to understand its role in health and aging. NAD+ has been called the beauty molecule for its ability to rejuvenate cells and support healthy skin, but it also plays a critical role in helping our bodies:

    • Restore Mitochondrial Function
    • Maintain Immune System Function
    • Regulate Circadian Rhythm 
    • Convert Food Into Energy


        Our bodies make NAD+ naturally, but the older we get, the more our NAD+ levels decline. Low levels of NAD+ slow down basic cellular function throughout the body, and are associated with fatigue, muscle and bone loss, cognitive decline, and visible effects of aging like wrinkles and sagging skin. 

        So, the A-listers have the right idea

        Our bodies need NAD+ to maintain youthful, radiant skin and overall longevity. We can’t avoid the NAD+ decline that comes with age, but what we can do is mitigate the internal and external effects by boosting our natural NAD+ levels. 


        The truth is, IV drip delivery is NOT the optimal way to absorb NAD+.

        The long-term benefits of NAD+ delivered through IV therapy are unclear. According to research, when delivered through an IV drip, NAD+ appears to be broken down by the liver before it can provide extended benefits [10]. 

        The same research shows that taking NAD+ precursors in the form of daily supplements, like ARAMORE NAD+ Vitalize Supplements, efficiently supports healthy NAD+ levels and whole-body revitalization [10, 6]. 

        Wait, what’s an NAD+ precursor?

        Glad you asked. Even as we age and our NAD+ levels decline, the body can make its own NAD+, but you have to give it the right ingredients—also known as precursors. ARAMORE NAD+ Vitality supplements provide your body with niacinamide and NMN (nicotinamide mononucleotide), two precursors it needs to maintain vitality-boosting NAD+ levels and overall longevity. When it comes to maintaining these levels, the answer isn’t providing your body with NAD+ via an occasional, expensive IV drip. The answer is providing your body with consistent NAD+ precursor support, so it can make NAD+ on its own.  

        The answer is an affordable NAD+ supplement routine

        ARAMORE NAD+ Vitality supplements offer a cost-effective, science-based formulation that provides vitality-boosting NAD+ in the form of niacinamide and NMN—no pricey IV drips without proven benefits necessary. Taking these NAD+ precursors daily is more beneficial and efficient than IV drips that offer temporary benefits, because while drips deliver NAD+, ARAMORE NAD+ Vitality supplements deliver essential NAD+ precursors.


        The benefits of taking daily NAD+ supplements

        ARAMORE NAD+ Vitalize Supplements create a quick and easy daily routine that gives your body the NAD+ precursor support it needs to maintain optimal NAD+ levels. Since the NAD+ molecule rejuvenates cells in your entire body—from the skin, scalp, and hair follicles to the brain, blood, and immune and nervous systems [2-4], the benefits go far beyond revitalized skin. 

        In other words—come for the glowing skin, stay for the overall health and longevity boost[6].

        Like most supplements, consistency is key. Supple skin, lush hair, boosted vitality, and long-term longevity require steady NAD+ precursor support, so it’s important to keep your ARAMORE NAD+ Vitality supplement routine consistent to maintain results. 

        Pro Tip: Take advantage of subscription deliveries. Once you finish your first set, Earth-conscious ARAMORE refill packs keep the constant supply of vital nutrients coming, without the run-out-and-reorder hassle. 

        Skip the IV, support all your cells, and bask in the benefits of decades of longevity science research—no drips or needles required. Start your whole-body longevity support protocol today with the ARAMORE NAD+ Morning Duo.


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