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How to Promote Cell Turnover for Younger-Looking Skin

updated: October 04, 23

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How to Promote Cell Turnover for Younger-Looking Skin
Picture this: after hours of reading reviews, doing your research, and browsing the store, you finally pick out a skincare product and try it out… and the first thing you notice? Tingling. Tingling all over.

Back to the store, right? Well, not necessarily.

Sometimes, of course, tingling can be an adverse reaction to a chemical contained in a product. In other cases, though, tingling from skincare products can be more than just an annoying side effect– it can actually be beneficial! To show why, we need to start with understanding some skincare techniques whose scientific explanation you may not be as familiar with: chemical peels and laser resurfacing.

Out with the Old, In with the New (Skin!)


You’ve probably heard of chemical peels before, or at least seen advertisements for them. Chemical peels work by using substances to cause a controlled chemical injury up to a specific depth of the skin, using acids to “peel” dead/damaged cells from the skin’s surface in a process known as “chemexfoliation”. By removing old, dead, and damaged cells from the skin, this process stimulates the natural growth of epidermis, collagen remodeling, and more evenly distributed melanin for the skin. You can think of it like removing old files and programs from your computer: it might take a little bit of time and effort, but now that computer is definitely going to run faster.

Laser resurfacing, another popular cosmetic procedure, works in a similar way. In laser resurfacing, a cell-killing laser removes the thin outer layer of the skin (epidermis), which clears the way for new growth and heats up the underlying skin (dermis). This helps stimulate the growth of collagen, a key protein that improves skin firmness and texture. So, again, sometimes damaging and removing certain cells can actually be a good thing!

Saunas and other temperature-based techniques are another popular method of increasing skin health. In a sauna, short intervals of heat stress force your skin to increase its level of what are known as “heat shock proteins” that, in addition to responding to heat, also help maintain the integrity of your body’s proteins. When we age, these proteins become degraded, so using a sauna to create more heat shock proteins and preserve your proteins’ integrity helps to “slow down” the aging processes, leading to greater longevity and, of course, younger-looking skin!


Aramore, Your New Skin’s Best Friend

Now that we know more about how these techniques work, it begs the question: how is any of this relevant to your personal skincare, short of spending hundreds on expensive procedures? Is this blog post just for those who are already undergoing these routines?

Not at all, because exfoliation with topical products can also reveal fresher skin for a younger look.

Ascorbic acid–best known as Vitamin C–is in many of Aramore’s products and, in addition to roles as an antioxidant, also acts as a mild exfoliant, speeding up cell turnover by helping to chemically remove old layers of cells. Linoleic acid, also contained in a number of Aramore’s creams and lotions, works in the same way, promoting cell turnover by removing old, dead skin cells to reveal younger ones. These acids make it much easier for old cells to be removed by cleansing in favor of new ones.

Retinol, found in Aramore’s Retinol Peptide Boosting Serum, also helps to promote cell turnover. As a Vitamin A derivative, retinol works by sinking into the skin, helping slough off old cells. This contributes to younger-looking skin by exposing newer, younger cells on the surface, just like the exfoliants Vitamin C and linoleic acid above!

Tingle Like A Pro

So, next time you’re trying out a product that exfoliates your skin (like, say, Aramore’s NAD+Cell Energizing Lotion) and you start to feel a tingle, don’t panic. The tingling is an important part of the process; it just means that your dead skin is being removed, to rejuvenate your skin’s appearance. Or, as we here at Aramore like to say…embrace the tingle!


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