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From UV to Blue Light: How to respond to “unavoidable” skin damage.

updated: September 14, 23

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From UV to Blue Light: How to respond to “unavoidable” skin damage.

In our everyday lives, we encounter a broad spectrum of unavoidable sources of skin damage, from UV light to blue light and air pollution. And when we say “unavoidable”, we really mean it. Unlike avoidable sources of skin damage (smoking cigarettes, going to a tanning salon, or never exercising), short of moving to Finland there’s not much you can do to entirely get around environmental sources of skin damage like the sun and polluted air.


That said, there are chemical and biological methods, like those used in Aramore’s all-mineral Multi-Defense Lotion SPF 30 , that help you respond.  Luckily, “unavoidable” doesn’t have to mean unpreventable .

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UV Light

 You may have already heard of UV light, shorthand for ultraviolet light. This type of light, made up of incredibly small light waves, contacts your skin every time you’ve been out in the sunlight. Anyone who’s gotten a sunburn knows that UV light can be damaging, and anyone who’s tanned for many years has seen that sun exposure can lead to long-term skin health issues. UV light produces electron “free radicals,” which can move about your cells and cause skin and DNA damage, leading to premature skin aging with symptoms like increased wrinkling and dryness.

Your skin naturally helps protect against some degree of UV damage by following your body’s circadian rhythm. As the genes for your morning become active, so too do those in the skin’s stem cells, choosing to bolster the defense capabilities of the epidermis (outer skin layer) during the day and then repairing that same outer layer overnight.

While your skin has some ability to protect itself, UV light can be extremely damaging over time, so it’s important to use a sunscreen that protects against direct UV rays. Aramore’s 100%-mineral, Multi-Defense Lotion SPF 30 shields your skin from the visible effects of UV light, while also avoiding the hormonal disruptions associated with some chemical sunscreens.

Yet, it’s also important to support your skin’s natural ability to reduce damage by the inevitable light waves that do make it through your best-laid defenses. Aramore’s Energizing  Lotion manages to help do this through the use of phenyl t-butylnitrone, or“spin trap.”  Spin traps are similar to natural antioxidants, but they are more efficient: and do not react with beneficial compounds such as oxygen. Aramore’s Energizing Lotion also includes apigenin, a plant-derived antioxidant that aids in preserving the youthful look of the skin even when its exposed to sun.

You can also support the health of skin exposed to UV light from the inside out.  Aramore’s Vitalize Supplement contains astaxanthin and CoQ10 , another plant-derived compound that helps support a healthy response to  UV-induced photoaging in skin.  By operating on multiple levels, Aramore’s Multi-Defense SPF 30, NAD+ Energizing lotion, and Vitalize supplement work together synergistically to protect against the damaging effects of UV both before and after it hits your skin.

Blue Light— Your Screens Are Ruining Your Skin (So Stop Reading This)

Unlike UV light, blue light is one type of skin-damaging light source that you might not have heard of. “Blue light” is exactly what it sounds like: light that is blue, commonly found in our day-to-day lives. Blue light is actually necessary for your health as it helps regulate your circadian rhythm, making you feel alert and elevating your mood during the day. But with increased exposure to blue light emitted by phones and computer screens, it can become disruptive to your circadian rhythm, among other negative health effects, which can detrimentally affect your skin’s repair mechanisms. Additionally, the actual blue light itself can contribute to aging in the skin through oxidative stress. Oxidative stress is a term for the imbalance of electron free radicals and antioxidants in your body, and it is mitigated through the use of “antioxidants,” so called because they reduce your body’s oxidation level.

To aid in this fight against the negative skin effects of screens, Aramore’s Multi-Defense Lotion SPF 30 — in addition to protecting against sunlight’s UV radiation —  is also designed to reduce and improve  the visible effects of blue light on skin such as dullness and other undesirable changes in skin appearance . That way, you’re not just covered when in the sunlight — you’re covered when in front of the computer as well.

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Air Pollution

Though we all know that air pollution is bad for our lungs and overall health, you may not realize that air pollution can also affect the health of your skin. Particles from air pollution can contribute to premature skin aging, including the development of fine lines and wrinkles, primarily by (again) causing free radicals to develop in your skin. Heavy air pollution can also irritate skin, leading to puffy, dry, or inflamed skin.

Aramore’s Vitalize supplement has antioxidant properties - mentioned above - and helps neutralize  free radicals and maintain the natural regenerative capacity of your skin, replenishing your skin’s oxidative balance and helping contribute to a younger skin appearance in the face of inevitable air pollution. Air pollution is present in cities, towns, and even homes, so it’s important to use a product that protects against this all-too-common source of skin oxidation and damage.

A Full Range of Skin Protection

Skin damage can come from a variety of unavoidable sources like the sun, phone screens, and air pollution. In response, Aramore’s sunscreen is an all-mineral, Multi-Defense Lotion SPF 30  designed to shield the skin against the visible effects of UV light, blue light, and environmental stressors, while also avoiding the risk of endocrine disruption associated with some chemical sunscreens. The danger to your skin is unavoidable, so it’s important to make sure you’re using the most comprehensive, holistic, multi-level skin defense available.

Learn more about Aramore’s Multi-Defense Cream here!

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